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Child Support & Custody

When a couple separates, both parents are still responsible for the care and financial support of their children. One parent is often required to provide child support payments to the other for this purpose. Determining child custody and establishing child support can be an emotional, heated process. Representation by an experienced child custody attorney is critical to protecting both your rights and the rights of your child.

The Amanda Todd Daniels legal team will work with you to establish fair, equitable custody and support agreements that protect the needs of your child. We will also fight tirelessly to resolve cases of non-payment of child support.

Tupelo Attorney Child Support & Custody Services

Child Support

Child support consists of three types of expenditures: basic support, medical care, and child care. In Mississippi, support ends when the child turns 21 unless otherwise specified in the child support court order, or if the child has special needs, joins the military, or is convicted of a felony and has to serve 2 or more years. The office of Amanda Todd Daniels has the expertise to help you in all areas of child support, including:

Child Support Determination

The amount of support paid by the non-custodial parent is calculated from the parent’s adjusted gross income. The court may adjust this amount based on statutory criteria, and also may order payment of costs not considered covered by the child support award for items such as health insurance, college expenses, and uncovered medical expenses. Our experienced legal team to guide you through this process to be sure all options are considered.

Modification of Child Support Awards

Modification of child support orders can occur throughout the time the child is receiving support if there is a change in circumstances such as changes in employment, changes in daycare or health care costs, or changes in parenting time. Enforcement of child support orders can be accomplished in different ways, including contempt actions. Our attorneys are qualified to discuss these matters with you whether you are the party receiving or paying child support.


Paternity involves establishing the identity of a child’s biological father. Once paternity is established, our office can make sure the appropriate steps are taken to protect your child’s best interests.
Enforcement of Child Support Awards: Child support payments are critical to the well being of your child. Our legal team has the experience needed to aggressively pursue enforcement of the child support order through the court.

Child Custody and Parenting Time

The custody of a child is determined by a custody order. In the state of Mississippi, both physical and legal custody are considered. Physical custody refers to where the child lives and which parent is responsible for the child’s day-to-day care, while legal custody involves decision-making authority over important elements of the child’s life, such as healthcare, education, and religion.

A parent that is awarded sole custody has both legal and physical custody of the child and can make a majority of the decisions for that child. The non-custodial parent has visitation of the child and may still have some say in the decisions of the child.

The Law Office of Amanda Todd Daniels can assist in working through the custody order, enforcing the custody order, or challenging the custody order if you feel the child may be in jeopardy or danger. Services include:

Child Custody Agreements

Child custody can be one of the most difficult, contentious parts of a divorce. The amount of time a child spends with each parent is critical to the child’s development and well-being, and determining what will be best for the child is essential. At Amanda Todd Daniels we understand that every parenting situation is unique, and we strive to create an agreement that focuses on the best interest of your child. We take this responsibility very seriously; we know that representation by an expert child custody attorney is critical to protecting both your rights and the rights of your child.

Child Custody Modifications

When circumstances warrant a change in child custody orders, it is necessary to petition the family court for a modification. Common situations that may warrant a modification of orders include relocation of either parent, child endangerment, and the wishes of the child as he or she gets older. Whether you are seeking a modification or trying to stop an unwanted modification, our attorneys will aggressively stand up for your rights and work to protect the best interests of your child.


The Law Office of Amanda Todd Daniels provides representation for paternity fraud cases and believe the father’s rights are equally important as the mother’s. We strive to help our clients stand up for their rights in all types of family law matters they may be facing.

Father’s Rights

Time with each loving parent can be critical to a child’s well-being. The era of the mother being awarded more custody rights has shifted toward equality for both the father and mother of the child. We work with fathers to not only ensure that they get time with their children but also to secure their ability to exercise their parental rights.

Same-Sex Parent Rights

Same-sex parenting custodial agreements can present unusual challenges. The legal team at Amanda Todd Daniels stays at the forefront of legislation in this area so that we can provide expert legal representation. Visit our LGBTQ+ Family Law page to read more.

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