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Car Accident Insurance settlement

If you’re in a car accident, chances are your first inclination is going to be to take care of all of the paperwork as soon as possible. Not so fast, a speedy resolution to a car accident may not help you—it may be a way for your insurance agency to pay out as little as possible.

Can I file bankruptcy again?

There is no limit on the number of bankruptcy cases that one may file. In fact, there is no limit in between time frames to file bankruptcy. Nevertheless, if sufficient time between filings does not take place, you may be not be eligible for “discharge.”

Credit after bankruptcy

Is there credit after bankruptcy? Yes. You can and will be able to get credit after bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is thought to be an absolute barrier to future credit, but it’s not.

The legal remedy for a car accident falls under the general category of a personal injury claim, also known as tort law. Tort law has four general requirements for a legal case to be made. These requirements include; Duty of Care, Breach of that Duty, Causation, and Damages.

mississippi adoption attorney

Once you decide to adopt, you must make many decisions and go through many legal processes that you may feel unsure about. Read on for helpful tips that will guide you through the adoption process and know when an adoption attorney may be needed.

property division divorce mississippi

Dividing a couple’s property during divorce proceedings can be difficult and confusing. Even in the most amenable situations, there are many items that need to be listed then divided: houses, rental property, stock options, retirement and pension plan, and more. If your divorce is contentious, it can be even more difficult.

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